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Lightweight Solutions To Make Your Software Unleashed

Our battle-tested products to make software better. And more.


Automation software to boost your legacy systems like Lotus or SAP up to the market needs.



Additional business logics, processes and automatic decisions for every software


The extensive set of robust frontend components ready-to-use with new applications

Messeo is the perfect choice if you:

  • have Lotus123, SAP, Microsoft or any legacy applications installed in your company
  • want to add automation to your current software without replacing it
  • strive to match the market needs by unblocking your software for integrations 

Flow is the perfect match if  you:

  • have Lotus123, SAP, Microsoft or any legacy applications installed in your company
  • want to add new functionalities and integrate with other systems
  • want your software to use the business rules and make decisions  
  • want to add AI / ML features to your systems

We will use Blocks once you get us to deliver a new application for you. This will:

  • speed up the building process by up to 40% 
  • reduce the development costs by reusing the same components
  • make your application secure and look modern and pretty


What They Say

“Genuitek has developed a well-designed, flexible solution based on the own product, which allows us to automate selected business processes on the intranet. Instead of tracking individual applications connected to the corporate network, our managers can now safely control processes, i.e. vacation requests, forms etc. using only one mobile application.”

Rafal Falana Head of Infrastructure,
Netia SA, Poland


“Genuitek have been a trusted part of our team for the last 5 years. With expertise and competent advisory services, Genuitek is successful in producing enterprise applications which are functional and scalable.”

Sylwester Sadowski Head of Business Unit,
Sygnity SA, Poland


“The team is enthusiastic and believe in what they’re making. This means they provide their own ideas which either change or improve our own, so the project becomes a collaboration rather than just a piece of work.”

Karsten Kjær CEO, SundhedsDanmark, Danmark

Let’s discuss your new project?

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