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Product Design

Validate your innovative idea and expand the concept. 

MVPs created
Projects optimised

What we do.

Build a concept for your product

Our team will help you define the requirements and concepts of your product. We will define the real users' requirements so that you can be sure that your product will meet the most demanding market expectations. We combine the best of various design methodologies to ensure the best performance.

Validate your idea

By analyzing the goals of your idea in conjunction with our market research, we will help you create a product concept that meets the highest technological and business standards. It doesn't matter if you are a startup or a mature company - our cutting-edge solutions will allow you to minimize the risk.

Improve your current product

We help product teams redefine, improve and grow existing products. Our experienced team of experts will conduct the analysis, select the appropriate solutions, and plan their implementation to fit the product for the changing world.

How you benefit.

Audit and Analysis

Our team will work with you to better understand your business, identify possible threats and competition. Then we will prepare clear and precise assumptions that your product should meet to become innovative and conquer the market.

Design Sprint

Within a short cycle (usually 3-5 days) we will answer the assumptions of your idea before introducing it to the market. We will design your product, make a prototype and test its concepts with your customers.

UX Design

Our UX specialists will verify your product and then we will prepare a list of possible improvements that you can adopt and implement to gain an advantage on the market.

What Genuitek means to our clients.

“Genuitek has developed a well-designed, flexible solution based on the own product, which allows us to automate selected business processes on the intranet. Instead of tracking individual applications connected to the corporate network, our managers can now safely control processes, i.e. vacation requests, forms etc. using only one mobile application.”

Rafal Falana Head of Infrastructure,
Netia SA, Poland

ING Bank

“For over 3 years, Genuitek has been continuously supplementing our technical teams supporting development projects for the internet banking platform. Genuitek provides specialists with great technical skills, who can solve complex problems and propose optimal solutions.”

Wojciech Marchwicki Chief Procurement Officer,

Sentry Wireless

“Working with Genuitek was a professional and collaborative experience. Communication, code quality and understanding of our commercial goals are core strengths of guys from Genuitek. The creative approach to design and implementation and the effective technical conception were extremely impressive. Highly recommend working with them.”

Ciaran Bradley CEO, Sentry Wireless, Ireland


“Genuitek is a fantastic software development company that really understands how to deliver and serve client needs. Their development process is very reliable, flexible and uncomplicated. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Jakub Matias Founder & CEO, TaxiQ


“The team is enthusiastic and believe in what they’re making. This means they provide their own ideas which either change or improve our own, so the project becomes a collaboration rather than just a piece of work.”

Karsten Kjær CEO, SundhedsDanmark, Danmark


“Genuitek have been a trusted part of our team for the last 5 years. With expertise and competent advisory services, Genuitek is successful in producing enterprise applications which are functional and scalable.”

Sylwester Sadowski Head of Business Unit,
Sygnity SA, Poland

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Success Cases.

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.



Messeo is a web based application that integrates with other applications and allows to intercept their processes in a way that they are presented on mobile devices (and web).


We created a patient service platform developed by patients for patients with the purpose of providing a groundbreaking service, where the patients are in the center of attention, reduce the waiting time and furthermore structure the treatment process.


ING’s SME division contracted Genuitek to participate in the project to create new e-banking solution. ING preferred Genuitek to other vendors due to our strong technical expertise and the ability to quickly ramp-up and scale the project team.

Let’s discuss your new project?

Please, describe your idea and we will do our best to implement it in real life.