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Simple Solution To Boost Your Legacy Systems.

A single point of orchestration for all your software systems. An additional channel of communication with decision-makers in your company. Made for the older systems you still use.

Save time by accelerating decision-making processes, now! Take your legacy software to the digital era.

What Messeo is.

Messeo is a lightweight piece of software to give you a single point of management enriched by the data from all systems.

Messeo was created for those companies whose technical debt, in the form of “old” software, does not allow for full digital transformation, and thus – causes a lack of business adaptation to changing market conditions.
Many companies are still struggling with the huge work organization systems implemented years ago, such as Lotus123 or SAP or Microsoft products.

Messeo minimizes decision-making time by introducing a single point of orchestration. It integrates all of the applications in your company in one, organized system. The data from the particular applications gets organised. Hence, it gives the full-context information to make the choice easier. 


What you get.

Messeo is built to minimize interference with your systems.

There are four pieces that we implement in your environment to integrate it with Messeo:

  1. Interceptor – an integration component that is installed next to each part of the system. It integrates the intranet with Messeo Core.
  2. Messeo Core – the base application responsible for communication with the interceptor, additional business logic and communication with users.
  3. Messeo Mobile – a small, dedicated mobile application installed on the devices of users (managers). It enables safe interactivity with processes from systems (e.g.
    delivering the decision to the process).
  4. Admin Panel – a web application for managing the integration of Intercepror with the Core module.

Messeo Notification System

Once Messeo is installed in your intranet you get access to the full potential of data-enriched notifications. 

  • Every time the process gets to the point it needs some decision user gets the push notification on the mobile phone. It also works with pure SMS messages if the Messeo Mobile application is not installed.
  • The notification consists of the required details to make a decision (the top part of the message – e.g.: “The request of employee vacation”). 
  • The notification can also be enriched with the data that are not accessible from the system (e.g. HR system) that is involved at this stage. Messeo retrieves additional related data from other integrated systems to give you as much information as possible to make a decision (the bottom part of the message – e.g.: “Employee statistics and reports”). 
  • Once the choice is made the information gets back to the initial process and makes the choice on it. 

“Genuitek has developed a well-designed, flexible solution based on the own product, which allows us to automate selected business processes on the intranet. Instead of tracking individual applications connected to the corporate network, our managers can now safely control processes, i.e. vacation requests, forms etc. using only one mobile application.

Rafal Falana
Head of Infrastructure, Netia, Poland

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Success Cases.

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.



Messeo is a web based application that integrates with other applications and allows to intercept their processes in a way that they are presented on mobile devices (and web).


We created a patient service platform developed by patients for patients with the purpose of providing a groundbreaking service, where the patients are in the center of attention, reduce the waiting time and furthermore structure the treatment process.


ING’s SME division contracted Genuitek to participate in the project to create new e-banking solution. ING preferred Genuitek to other vendors due to our strong technical expertise and the ability to quickly ramp-up and scale the project team.

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