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Fast MVP delivery boosted by a modern approach to the development cycle

Building Blocks framework and budget-effective technologies based lean-process to deliver an MVP followed by product development 


Founded 2018, SundhedsDanmark (Health Denmark) is a free patient service platform for patients with the purpose of providing a groundbreaking user service, reduce the waiting time and furthermore structure the treatment process for people treated in the healthcare system.

The platform contributes to the equal treatment of everyone irrespective of their disability, ethnicity, gender, social status, treatment needs and level of communication.

14 months

SundhedsDanmark needs an MAP to attract the investors and enter the healthcare market


The SundhedsDanmark's CEO, Karsten Kjær looks for the IT partner to provide and MVP followed by product scale-up

Karsten approached Genuitek with an inquiry to provide MVP with a modern patient platform that will revolutionize the Danish market. The platform is to have significant market advantages, which will facilitate the financing of further development works. Karsten assumed the next stages of development immediately after further financing rounds.  


A detailed roadmap with the matched budget

We came up with the roadmap for the next 3 months, during which we were to provide a working MVP and then expand the product. We adjusted the budget to the plan. Choosing the right technologies that significantly reduce costs, such as Flutter and our own Building Blocks was also beneficial. We also decided on a lean approach to the project. The client had a full access to the application. This approach allowed us to focus on the implementation of User Stories provided by the client.
Next, we planned the delivery of new functions based on IBM Cloud, which we integrated with our development environments. Thanks to this, we were able to significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Authorisation & Authentication
User Management
Application Security
Messaging & Communication
Cloud Integrations
Web Components
Application Adminstration
Custom Integrations
Web Components

Building Blocks System

For over 15 years on the market we’ve noticed that 90% of delivered applications contains similar core functions. We developed a set of ready-to-use, cross-platform components (aka building blocks). For example — almost every application needs users; users need security and user-management interface for the application administrator, etc. 

Why building blocks?

  • Accelerates application development by up to 70%
  • Increases application security and reduces software unreliability
  • Based on popular and robust frameworks

“The team is enthusiastic and believe in what they’re making. This means they provide their own ideas which either change or improve our own, so the project becomes a collaboration rather than just a piece of work”

Karsten Kjær
CEO, SundhedsDanmark, Denmark​


The solution delivered in 3 months and then added new features. Product implemented in production.

We proposed a cross-sectional cycle based on the lean approach. Thanks to the continuous feedback we received from the client, we were able to implement changes quickly. We could also adapt the application to business changes in a non-invasive way.
The client was satisfied with the result of our work. We not only prepared the full application according to the provided User Stories, but also suggested some changes that the client accepted.
In the last phase, our development team worked closely with our DevOps specialists to optimize the performance of the application in the IBM Cloud environment. The results were very satisfactory. We also provided full measurements from the increased efficiency of the application.

Impact In Numbers

0 %

Development time saved by introducing the Building Blocks platform to MVP development. 

0 %

Code repeatability. The cross-platform solutions used to speed up the delivery process.  

Success Cases.

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.



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