At Genuitek we create and develop web & mobile applications, complex back-end systems, financial and e-commerce platforms.

Application Development

Simple website or business App

Create a modern interface for your legacy applications to hide what is complex and necessary behind user-friendly front-end web applications. Make your services accessible in an easy way with light and modern interface.

Take a fresh, interactive approach to tell your story to your clients or employees. With a quick, responsive interface, our websites are easy to use. They can be easily integrated with other types of software. We can start with the Minimum Viable Product on which you can test your product (at a small cost) and expand it in the next agile steps of our cooperation.

A well-featured app makes a big difference in the way a business communicates with the customers.  We build mobile apps for Android, iOS as well as cross-platform Responsive Web Applications.

PoC Development

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Digital Transformation

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Transform your infrastructure to cloud services or add cloud to expand your capabilities.

All services need to be hosted somewhere, therefore there is always a decision to be made: physical or cloud… or both… or a private cloud being virtual infrastructure on your own physical infrastructure… or… Physical infrastructure gives your company advantages of owning everything and sometimes is required by law regulations for some institutions.
Cloud gives you scalability, agile resource allocations, security and maintenance handled by platform’s owner (less to worry for you).
Privat cloud combines agility with ownership but leaves maintenance and security on your side.

If you need advice on the above, we can help you with the decision and if you choose cloud we can set it up and run it for you.
Platforms we support: Amazon Web ServicesIBM CloudMicrosoft Azure.

Smart Team (IT Consulting)

With our qualified and skilled experts you can easily boost the performance of your team.

With our skilled experts, you can easily boost the performance of your team – this is the most flexible and smooth way to the scale-up internal team. We may also build a whole team for you or share our specialists for your project. Who are you looking for?

Who are you looking for?

Specialists to hire for a long term

We can help you with the recruitment process so you can hire verified specialists in your company. We charge a success fee for a person that will be hired by you and will be positively validated after joining your company

Experts to support my company on a project

Our own employees may join your teams to support your internal staff on a project. This is a faster alternative to hiring a new person from the market. We charge for days that our experts are working for you, no recruitment fees.

Full team

If you are looking for an entirely new team we can build one for you. We also know many external teams who might just be available to participate in your project. Depending on your needs, we can charge recruitment fees or a fee for the days’ team works for you. The team can join your premises or work for you remotely from our offices.

Estimate project

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
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Technologies that we support