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Based on industry standard practices we have developed a code of conduct that enables us to take jobs with considerable range of uncertainty as well as lead projects in a way that benefits our customers the most and delivers the product which meets all your expectations.

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1. Business Planning

Do you have an idea for an application or you would like to streamline your organization?
Creating a business model of your new or upgraded product or service based on the proven LEAN CANVAS technique is the first step we suggest our customers to take.

After preparing an initial concept we advice our clients to use the GOOGLE DESIGN SPRINT approach and quickly transform a business idea into a prototype solution to verify its efficiency and usefulness.

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2. Prototyping

This stage involves several steps such as: creating as many solutions as possible, deciding which idea is the best, prototyping and building something fast (mock-ups are useful here).

Then, it’s the time to show the prototype to the potential users, to test what works and what doesn’t, and then summarize and review the solution.

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3. Building Solutions

Our agile development cycles and work procedures are based on years of experience in the IT business. We want you to see your product developing along with your idea.

Based on the methodology of PMI / PMBOK we have developed internal procedures and tools to ensure efficient project management. We cover all aspects of effective Project Management.

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4. Testing

The next requirement of successful continuous delivery is comprehensive automated testing. A team of experienced testers ensures a comprehensive approach to the testing process. We’ll check functional performance as well as security aspects of the system.

Our QA process is integrated directly into our development iterations and is based on clear specifications and criteria arising out of the project’s goals.

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