Alfresco Community Edition 5.2

Alfresco has just made new update of the Alfresco Community Edition 5.2 software available, as well as 201609 Early Access (which is not a stable release version). They both entail new, valuable improvements regarding the structure of interfaces and communication between frontend and backend.  

This is an important step towards “following the light” – meaning the chance for modern interface and important components for coders.

We are given new Javascript API, the number of NG2 components and Yeoman generator for building a fast development environment for Angular2 projects.



New, undated points of access include:

  • /nodes (files, folders, custom nodes, renditions, peer & child associations etc.)
  • /deleted-nodes (trashcan)
  • /shared-links (publicly shared links)
  • /queries (live search for nodes)
  • /sites (create & delete site, as well as existing list sites)
  • /tickets (login & logout)

See the details on:


Alfresco NG2 Components

New components are based on Material Design style designed by Google and they are used in the applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs etc..

Initially the following components were made available:

  • ng2-alfresco-core – Core services and utilities to help power components
  • ng2-alfresco-datatable – A simple file list
  • ng2-alfresco-documentlist – An advanced list of documents
  • ng2-alfresco-login – A login component
  • ng2-alfresco-search – A basic search component
  • ng2-alfresco-upload – Advanced upload capabilities that integrates with lists
  • ng2-alfresco-viewer – A PDF.js based viewer to preview content

See the details on:


Alfresco NG2 App Generator

Alfresco has also created Yeoman generator to help coders facilitate their work connected with building an environment for developing new products for Alfesco (folder structures, files etc.)

See the details on:


Zbigniew Guziak

Business Analyst and Development Manager

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