Gap Analysis Checklist

Consistent implementation of high standards of quality management when developing a new product and the effective work on the project are among the main duties for the Genuitek team.

Our QA process is integrated directly into our development iterations and is based on clear specifications and acceptance criteria which define our goals.

The Gap Analysis Checklist is one of the most important steps in all of our projects. It outlines what might be missing at this point that is critical for the project. Before we start the development process we should be completely certain that all things are done correctly and nothing is missing.

For example, new projects often lack a clearly defined target user group or user value proposition. This means that you may have to focus the sprint on testing features on several different groups to find the best fit.

A Design Sprint is a very useful tool that helps to reduce the risk of downstream mistakes and to establish vision-led goals. DS also saves time and money. But before you start the development process, such as Scrum or Continuous Delivery/Extreme Programming, check the following areas for possible gaps.


User & Needs The project has…

☐ clearly defined and validated target user groups

☐ clearly defined and validated user value propositions


Use Cases & Data The project has…

☐ clearly defined core use cases

☐ set success metrics

☐ usability data for given parts of the product


Design Goals & Language The project has…

☐ established design goals and user experience metrics

☐ established design language and style-guide


Team & Vision The team…

☐ shares a common vision for the product

☐ has a sense of a common timeline to launch

☐ consists of people who have required skills or has a plan to

hire more such people if needed



Zbigniew Guziak

Business Analyst and Development Manager

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