Path Guide – a New Approach to Indoor Navigation

When we think about getting lost, usually the first image that comes to our mind is being in a foreign country, perhaps on holiday, and trying to find a way back to our hotel. But how many times we got confused about a way around a building, either during a business meeting or just trying to find a particular place in a shopping center. It cost us time, energy and sometimes even money. However, Microsoft Research Asia’s Cloud & Mobile Research group claims that they had recently found a solution.

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Starbucks – How to Maximize Work Using Big Data

Amazing technology of the digital age we live in offers a huge amount of possibilities for the companies who want to attract new customers. Nowadays, more and more firms invest in tools to monitor and analyse data, such as the behaviour of their clients, to ensure the best quality of service and, therefore, increase their revenue. Considering the case of Starbucks, we can see that investing in big data can really pay off.

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“Bank 2030” – A Word on Hackathon and New Banking Services

Bank It Up 

On 20th of May 2017 the next edition of Hackathon, a 26-hour programming marathon, took place in Wroclaw. Software engineers, graphic designers, managers and other enthusiasts of new technologies worked really hard on building a prototype of an application (web or mobile). The subject of the event was “Bank 2030” and the solution was supposed to involve the development of new banking services – both oriented on customers as well as bank employees. The best projects were granted a monetary reword and a possibility to cooperate with IT specialists from the bank on development and implementation of the proposed solutions.

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