A Word on Outsourcing

Over the last couple of years Poland has become one of the most preferred locations to outsource its IT services. In fact, according to a study carried out two years ago by KPMG IT Outsourcing Service Provider Performance & Satisfaction, Poland was a second preferred country (after India) in terms of its outsourcing services in IT sector.

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“Bank 2030” – A Word on Hackathon and New Banking Services

Bank It Up 

On 20th of May 2017 the next edition of Hackathon, a 26-hour programming marathon, took place in Wroclaw. Software engineers, graphic designers, managers and other enthusiasts of new technologies worked really hard on building a prototype of an application (web or mobile). The subject of the event was “Bank 2030” and the solution was supposed to involve the development of new banking services – both oriented on customers as well as bank employees. The best projects were granted a monetary reword and a possibility to cooperate with IT specialists from the bank on development and implementation of the proposed solutions.

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New office

We are happy to inform, that Genuitek Software has changed its location. At the beginning of November, we moved into a new office on Purkyniego street. The location couldn’t be better – we are practically in the city centre.

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itq data center

Participation in the National e-Health Cluster

Genuitek Software has joined the National e-Health Cluster – an innovation and development platform of the IT-med sector, modeled on the Medical Data Processing Centre (MCPD) – ITQ Datacenter system. The work on this platform is based on cooperation – exchange of knowledge, experience and technology. The aim is to create modern, competitive services for the health sector. The cluster includes 87 players from the following areas: IT, medical, counseling, as well as scientific research.

Joining the Cluster NeHC lets us gain a lot, including the access to cutting-edge IT resources supported by ITQ Datacenter infrastructure with the highest level of data security, which involves security of servers, storage arrays, databases, archiving systems, development licenses as well as data flow safety control devices.

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Taking the cooperation with Sygnity to the next level

[section_dd][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]Genuitek Software has extended the cooperation agreement with Sygnity SA for the implementation of an innovative eBanking Platform for one of the biggest Polish banks. The new arrangement involves further implementation of new functions and partial maintenance of the system, as well as working on innovative solutions such as Oracle Coherence and WebSockets.[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]

eBanking System has been launched

[section_dd][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]A new eBanking Platform at one of the biggest Polish banks has been launched. The number of users is currently limited for testing purposes. Sygnity SA together with Genuitek Software will perform optimization of processes and prepare the system to be fully set up. The possibility of implementing additional features into the system is being discussed.[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]

Genuitek, in cooperation with Sygnity, to provision a new eBanking Platform

[section_dd][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]Sygnity SA in cooperation with Genuitek Software will deliver innovative Electronic Banking System for one of the biggest banks in Poland. New business functions will allow various banking services through a variety of channels: web, mobile and failover path as well as  supervision of the system and the customer service by employees of the Bank. The New Electronic Banking is believed to eventually replace the currently operating solutions in the Bank.[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]