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Genuitek Lean Canvas

Do you have an idea for an application or you would like to boost your company’s performance? Bringing a new idea into reality is not an easy task. You might find yourself devoting a lot of time and money to research and development with no visible effects. The waterfall approach to the project of creating a new product or service is getting less and less useful in today’s dynamically changing business environment. Therefore, Genuitek has created a rapid technique to assess the customer “appeal” of the a idea. Obviously, we have not re-invented the wheel; we have gathered our experience from previous projects; we have observed the techniques employed all around the world and created our own method of rapid creation and analysis of new IT solutions.

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Genuitek – the path to customer’s success

Delivering an IT project in which the results match the plans very often proves to be an extremely difficult and expensive process. It is usually not about the lack of willingness or abilities, but generally about the fast pace of change in a business environment. Moreover, there may not be enough time or money to carry out all the analysis needed to ensure the project’s success. Based on the evidence of many IT projects, Genuitek has created a process that allows us to deliver even the most uncertain and risky projects successfully. We are able to carry out our projects in a way that delivers the maximum benefit to clients while meeting all of the agreed requirements.

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