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When you hear the word “texting” probably the first thing that comes to your mind are teenagers gossiping or adults sending birthday wishes. However, in today’s fast-paced world where every minute is precious, texting became also a business tool.

It is quite easy to see the reason why. Texting is fast, concrete and convenient for most people. Moreover, it doesn’t cost much and involves far less stress than meetings or phone calls. The studies show that 98% of messages are read with 90% of them within the first three seconds. It is hard to ask for more effective business tool than a simple text.


The Most Preferred Method of Communication

For the last decade, texting has become very common in marketing and advertising. It is usually used for informing clients about special offers and for keeping them informed about company news. However, texting might be tricky when it comes to prospective customers. In many countries, it is actually illegal to send messages to your prospects, without their permission, in order to encourage them to buy your products or services. Nevertheless, when it comes to your existing clients, most of the time, this approach proves to be more convenient and less intrusive than phone calls. In fact, statistics show that 78% of people prefer to conduct the majority of their business via short messages. Texting is also used in inter-office communication. Compared with emails and conversations, that take much more time and effort, texts are usually the most preferred choice. Indeed, the majority of business owners (about 80%) encourage texting for business purposes in their companies, claiming that it is the fastest way to carry a message through.

A New Application

Communication lies at the core of every business, and most of it is based on short messages. Genuitek Software has developed an application that organises and distributes communication on mobile devices. The application allows to create and send push notifications in a very fast and convenient way, and to get a quick response. In just a few seconds you can message thousands of people. It aims to improve communication in a company as well as between a company and its clients in the variety of ways, including cooperation regarding a given project, planning processes, surveys etc. The possibilities of how to use the platform are endless – all depends on company’s needs.

Klaudia Skrzydło

Content Writer

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