Internet Trends 2017

Mary Meeker, an Internet guru and a partner in Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has published an annual report on major trends and challenges in today’s digital world. The report includes 355 slides and contains a large volume of statistical and analytical data. Among really interesting issues she mentioned – such as Internet in China and India, online marketing, media, games etc. – a few caught our special attention. In particular, we were eager to get to know more about cloud computing, current trends regarding software licensing and changes in the structure of development teams.

All In the Cloud

First of all, it turns out that users are currently moving away from Data Centres in favour of cloud-based services. The main supplier of them is still Amazon Web Services with approximately 57 % of users. The rest belongs to Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft Azure – that has experienced a significant growth in popularity over the last two years (in 2016 – 20% of respondents and in 2017 – 34%). We can also observe this tendency among our own clients. Over 70% of them chooses cloud-based solutions that we also work with, which include AWS (65%), Azure (30%) and other. Moreover, the users tend to choose an option that offers a possibility of changing a supplier.

Available In Subscription

The increase in demand for cloud-based services has also resulted in a change of clients’ preferences in terms of purchasing software. More and more users prefer to have a subscription of cloud-based versions of software, instead of buying and installing it on their servers. Additionally, the process of making a decision has changed from Top-Down to Bottom-Up. Some of the start-up companies that have used our services chose this option, which allowed them to have more transparency and to adapt to changes faster. From our point of view, cooperation with such companies is connected with fast communication, which, in turn, results in quick delivery and launch of MVP.

A User-freindly Experience

However, the most interesting from our perspective, is the information about clients’ expectations regarding the quality of app interfaces and its influence on software creation process. Nowadays, people want software that is easy to work with and has a user-friendly interface. What is more, User Experience has also gained in popularity. New preferences and introduced technologies resulted in reorganization of development teams that now require less software engineers and more interface designers. It is well illustrated on the table below.

Internet trends 2017
We always try to follow new trends in IT sector. It helps us to choose the best tools and methodologies, and therefore allows us to make the best call when it comes to creating agile teams to carry out projects – for both small and big companies.

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Zbigniew Guziak

Business Analyst and Development Manager

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