Geolocation in Marketing

Geolocation or location-based marketing is becoming more and more popular. It uses the ability for mobile devices to track and report person’s location in real time with a reliable degree of accuracy. The data is usually provided through GPS satellites. It can be used in a variety of ways to help companies gain new customers.

Endless Possibilities

Obviously the most important tool of location-based marketing is geotargeting. However, sending location-based offers is just the begging. Nowadays, mobile devices also use AI to analyze customer’s location history to create and send special offers. For instance, if someone jogs regularly, a specialized app can generate ads for running shoes. Information about behavioral patterns allow companies to send meaningful deals based on routine of their prospects. Another important tool is geofencing, which means creating a zone around a company for advertising purposes. In practice, when a prospective customer is reading an article or watching a YouTube video on his phone while he is in, so called, geofenced zone of a given company, he would see a specifically-targeted advertisement for this company’s products or services. Moreover, promoting events based on one’s place of residence is also a very popular marketing technique, that most of us can probably see on Facebook. Another tool connected with geolocation is focal clustering. It is a technology that tracks the points on which one’s eyes are focused, in order to generate data about his or her interests and preferences, and then use them in marketing.

New Applications

Obviously, the growing popularity of geolocation offers a huge market for applications that use such technology. In Genuitek we are constantly working on new tools that facilitate communication. We believe that quick exchange of information stands at the core of business success in both small, private companies as well as in big corporations. In our opinion, combining geolocation with communication is a brilliant way in which firms can gain new clients and increase productivity. For instance, we have recently finished an app that, among many other functionalities, allows sending messages to a group of people that are currently in a given area. We also have many other ideas on how to use geolocation in apps and we are looking forward to trying them out.

Klaudia Skrzydło

Content Writer

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