GeeCON 2017 – Let’s Move the Java World!

On 17-19th May 2017 GeeCON, a conference devoted mostly to working in Java technology, took place. In short, GeeCON is: 3 very intensive days, over 1200 participants, 75 lecturers and 80 talks.

Artur Szeja had a chance to participate in the conference, and, as he claims, “you had to work really hard to be bored”. One of the particularly memorable lectures was “the star of the conference”, a speech given by Josh Long (“Reactive Spring”), concerning new features of fifth edition of Spring. Another interesting and very popular lecture was the one given by Simon Ritter (“55 New Features in JDK 9”). Among the new functionalities of JDK 9, Ritter mentioned modularity, jshell and multi-release JAR. Michal Plachta’s lecture (“A Pragmatist’s Guide to Functional Geekery”) about the possibilities of functional programming using Java 8 and Vavr was also quite intriguing.

Apart from technological advancements, the conference also offered lectures about other issues related to software engineer’s job. A good example is a talk given by Krzysztof Kaczmarek (”12 Ways Software Engineers to Make Client Presentations a Disaster”) about giving presentations and talking with clients.

In Genuitek Software we really appreciate this kind of events because they give us opportunities to learn about new technologies from the very best. Moreover, we have a chance to ask their opinion and get to know a lot of interesting “tips and tricks”, useful in everyday job.

Klaudia Skrzydło

Content Writer

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